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About us

A Swedish company Bio Cosmetic Sweden is a well known producer of natural cosmetics for hair and body care in European markets. A mother company was founded in Höör in Sweden. Our 42 years of experience, modern factories equipped with the latest machines, development and testing laboratories, quality control section and a close cooperation with the international specialists guarantee premium quality cosmetic products. Day by day our cosmetics become more and more popular and highly desirable worldwide. Our aim is to be present in every house, in every step of your life.
There's so much pollution in the atmosphere now that the chances are your skin will get ingrained. Our range of products might just be the answer to your problems. The recipes are all based on natural ingredients where the abundance of herbs, aromatic fruit, minerals, proteins as well as vital power of vitamins ensure effective hair and body care. Fruit aromas, gentle scents of noblest herbs as well as warm and delicate bottle colours are perfectly harmonizing with the colours of nature. Our products help you to calm down, relax and refresh - they are evoking the feeling of good mood.
All these elements are present in our leading lines: ProSport, Buddy & Soul, My Time, Botanical Essence, Botanic Garden and OnLine (Scandinavian Market). In our supply you will find cosmetic products like shampoos, conditioners, liquid soaps, shower gels, foam baths, bath salts, body milks, deo roll ons, shaving foams, creams for hands and feet. In hair styling products we offer hair gel and hair wax. Each product is effective by itself. They all work in a unique way.